Xiro Atlantic Denim

We think collectively, working with a continuous care and analysis in all we do, getting to know and supporting socially engaged projects, as well as prioritising proximity and supporting our region’s small sewing factories when it comes to the manufacture of our clothes.

Nearness is a key factor in our project. Direct and frequent contact is crucial to consolidate long term relationships, achieve excellent results and provide our customers with all the information related to product traceability.

The Atlantic landscape is a source of inspiration due to its nature, beauty and natural wilderness. However it also reminds us of frequent damaging humans‘ actions.

All the fabrics we use are GOTS certified and our clothes are locally designed, made and washed in Galicia, Spain.

We are a brand of timeless jeans that you can use as long as you think they fit (the longer, the better :)) We do not make fashion, we make clothes with character.


Xiro is made up of three people who are passionate about denim and who are determined to take a steady path towards sustainability. Not only regarding the clothes we wear, but in each of the things we do day by day. From a wonderful place on the shores of the Atlantic we work to make authentic and timeless jeans beyond what the trends dictate. We certainly do not make fashion, we do what we like; Simply clothes with character.