SMITH-WYKES is a creative partnership which celebrates personal character through its modern and masculine aesthetic. The brand was born in 2010 after designers Rory Wykes and Michaell Smith bonded over eclectic music on New York’s experimental club scene, sharing the belief that menswear should work to complement rather than overshadow personality. Fascinated with the relationship between music and fashion, particularly how music can score the mood of a collection, SMITH-WYKES translate this fascination into their designs.

Creative independence and generosity of spirit are the values behind SMITH-WYKES. The duo collaborate on all aspects of the process combining Rory’s extensive experience as a designer, having worked with Lacoste, Carven, Baracutta and streetwear label Aem’kei, with Michaell’s broad business and legal background in the fashion industry, and strong sartorial eye for emerging music and artists.

At its heart, SMITH-WYKES is an English brand, drawing inspiration from classic heritage designs and layering on elements of the Paris arts culture to create utilitarian clothing with sharp tailored elements. SMITH-WYKES work to source and produce their collections in Europe, celebrating the high quality and craftsmanship of the small family run businesses.