Shutter Clothing emerged from the intersection of two passions, photography and streetwear. Wearing photography is their idea and preserving beauty is their priority; each of their t-shirt models are produced as limited editions, capturing ephemeral moments for you on 100% cotton.

At Shutter Clothing, the values ​​are rooted in artistic and urban areas, like that of their hometown of Lyon, France. From the busy streets of San Francisco and small ghost towns in Romania, to the urban paradoxes of Shanghai and London’s wild underground parties, each photograph is comprised of memories that they, as travel enthusiasts, have chosen to sublimate and make timeless.

They subscribe to an innovative philosophy that aims to place everyone in the position of the photographer, from a technical point of view (through the camera settings of the photos inscribed on the label or embroidered on the shirts) and from a first-person perspective (through the story narrated for each model surrounding the instant the photo was taken).