reWrap is a young Dutch brand that designs and produces sleeves for smart phones, iPad’s and laptops inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. This means reWrap works with 100% biodegradable materials, 100% renewable energy and 100% social production. From the thread to the fabric, all the textiles of a real reWrap will fully return to nature when exposed to compost. At the same time, a reWrap is completely durable in daily use and offers solid protection to every laptop, iPad or smartphone. A reWrap is sustainable in use and is produced sustainably. The basic material is natural wool felt. The wool comes from ecologically raised sheep, and no toxic substances are used at the production, dying, and transportation of the felt. Of course, the sewing thread is made out of ecological cotton as well. Nice detail: the sleeves don’t have a label, but the logo is punched into the sleeve. This way, reWrap avoids wasting unnecessary material. reWrap not only takes all ecological aspects into account, but also social ones - the sleeves are lovingly crafted by disabled people in a quaint workshop in the Netherlands. The local production also contributes to a smaller ecological footprint by limiting transportation. Moreover, all produced CO2 is compensated through carbon offsets.