OLOW is a French clothing brand, created in Montreuil (France) in 2006 by two passionate and brave personalities: Mathieu Sorosina and Valentin Porcher. 
Mathieu and Valentin are passionate about art and the connections they can build with the artists.
In a world of always more profit and less humanity, Olow wants to come back to the basis of life meaning, a simple lifestyle, handmade craft, art, escape, and poetry.
The design of the Olow brand is distinguished by raw, human and unconventional collections
In keeping with ethical values, proximity and independence, OLOW manufactures all its' garments in Portugal and works mostly with unknown international artists. The brand also organizes exhibitions regularly.
Considering that local taste is always better, OLOW collections are Made in Europe, Made in Portugal, in the region of Braga. The 3 factories in which they produce are family businesses, located just a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean.
Olow and eucurio have the same opinion, there is a real alternative to the same old “made in china” approach.
Olow made it a point to produce as near as they can, whether for production follow-up, relationships with the suppliers or environmental questions.  Producing in Europe makes everything easier and healthier.
Portugal is a real guarantee of quality, and Olow ensures  that the working conditions and salaries are optimal.
Les rêves commencent la nuit.
All Olow products are Made in Europe, Made in Portugal.  
Olow is a perfect representation of human products Made in Europe and by people that are brave, passionate and creating diversity.