Livid Jeans

Livid Jeans always strive to follow core values and to make products that are honest and unique.

Livid Jeans is a small manufacturing company from Norway, created from a simple love & passion for superior quality and true craftsmanship. Dedicated to honour old traditions in making jeans and inspired by a time when superior quality, supporting local trade and taking care of own garments mattered.

Livid Jeans’ rabid enthusiasm for denim and its history is reflected in using superior quality denim fabrics throughout all their collections. They are passionate about the fabric, its different weaves and appearances and especially its ability to change and create a personal and unique timeline. A bruise gives a bluish discoloured appearance to your skin. A jean will do the same. Along the way, it’ll always remind you of the time you got it, and how you got it. Nothing can compare the bruising you will get from a pair of raw jeans worn for several months before its first wash. Through its livid bruising, it’ll tell a story that you’ll remember and cherish, creating a resilient relationship which will make you never wear anything but a raw denim jeans again.

Livid Jeans’ product portfolio today consists of two different production lines:
- One collection handmade the old fashioned way locally in Trondheim, Norway.
- And one ready-to-wear collection line made in Barcelos, Portugal that is presented on eucurio.
Both lines offering superior quality garments with equal purpose.

The ready-to-wear collection line features a collation of uncompromising garments in different quantities. The ready-to-wear products offered on eucurio are no exception. Handcrafted with the highest quality materials in a small family-owned factory in Barcelos, Portugal. Made on non-automated industrial machinery and crafted by only a handful of dedicated crafts- men and women. All Livid Jeans products offered on eucurio are handmade in Europe, handmade in Portugal.

Livid Jeans is a perfect representation of meaningful jeans Made in Europe and by people that are brave, passionate and creating diversity.