Headmates are not just ordinary woolen hats, but every headmate tells a story. Every headmate is knitted by an elderly woman in Barvaria, a region in South Germany. For the headmates founders it is important that you get to know the particular person who spent much time knitting your headmate. Thus, with your headmate we also send you a so called knittertale, in which the knitter introduces herself. 

Many elderly people feel lonesome and do not have a fulfilling occupation. Through their engagement for headmates they not only pursue their passion, the knitting, but also meet other people. Besides other people who share the same interest, they get in touch with the younger generation. The headmates-team organises regularly events to cultivate the relationships with each other.

 The team was able to integrate people with a psychological disability in production process. They sew the button on every headmate, pack them in a little gift box and send the headmates to the new owner. Through headmates the disabled people earn extra money and partake in a project that helps them to structure their day without representing a burden.

Your headmate‘ s wool consists of 60% Merino, 20% Alpaca and 20% Silk – a high quality product. But that is not enough! By receiving this particular wool Headmates also contribute to the project Mirasol. This project situated in Peru aims at helping the regional shepards’ families. With every ball of wool that we buy, we support the project that strengthens the Peruvian infrastructure, especially the building of an educational building.