Evin Beachwear


The named Evin, is in honour of the small but sturdy Evinrude engine, which had brought the owner grand father home safe and sound after a storm.
Evin was founded in 2012, with the aim to make menswear accessory and swinshorts into an outright protagonist, giving it both the care and quality it deserves.
Little by little, the ideas began to take shape, the mood started to be defined: product imprinting inspired by contemporary design, but with a hint of Mediterranean aftertaste.
As none of the specialized brands were manufacturing in Italy, they decided to come back to a real Made in Italy quality. Every swim short has the Useful pocket©, which lets you fold your swimming trunks inside a pocket - a unique feature of our shorts.

The name Evin is of great sentimental value to the founder; it was, in fact, the name of the family boat: a typical, lateen sail gozzo (small double-ended) fishing boat.
The owner’s scepticism of sailors’ superstitions, to wit: a nameless boat is unlucky, meant that for a short while the boat didn’t have a name of its own. He was to change his mind following a terrible coastal storm, in which both he and his boat managed to survive by the skin of their teeth.
And so it was that he named her Evin, in honour of the small but sturdy Evinrude engine, which had brought him home safe and sound.

Two generations later, we noticed to our amazement that in the collections of all the leading fashion houses swimwear was always treated as a marginal accessory making up the collection, rather than as its summer centrepiece.
We decided to go in the opposite direction from that of famous brands, who have chosen to delocalize their production abroad, because we realized that none of the specialized brands were manufacturing in Italy.

Our simple formula: Design through research and contemporary styling, scrupulous attention to every single detail and absolute devotion to high quality.
The asset of skilled Italian craftsmanship combined with our knowledge of the classic canons of elegant style for men enabled us to develop our first patterns. 
We started using fabrics, which till today had only been used in haute couture or classic winter clothes, such as Herringbone Tweed.

Indeed, the SS15 collection heralds the introduction of premium jersey T-shirts and handcrafted casual shirts made with fabrics coming straight from the world of high-quality tailored shirts. As of today, both our swimwear and our signature patterns and features are designed and developed in our design workshop in Italy, where there is no place for ordinary details, commonplace patterns or mediocre fabrics.
The meticulous packaging process takes place in Italy, too, just a few kilometres away from our style centre; all strictly by hand and subject to several quality controls before ending up on the shelves of the best shops around the world. 
At Evin we take your relaxation seriously and aim to let you spend your free time taking care of yourselves. Never expect any less than this from us.