Elementum invites you to develop new perspectives about your body, identity expression and well-being. The collection aims to fulfill people's need for change and individuality, to provide more opportunities for individual expression and style and to create less waste in the making process and usage of clothing products.
Elementum clothing collections are based on the total use of a piece of a cloth in tubular dimension where minimum cuts provide maximum use. It consists from 4-10 different timeless designs with each functioning as scarf, dress, top, vest and more. They can be used in many ways and in different contexts and create draped, fluid and organic shapes. These can be worn directly over your body or in combination with a top, a short sleeve or a long sleeve shirts. Elementum is a must have item for those travelling but also for everyday life. Its multi-functionality goes across genders and styles.
Developed since 2006 by the designer Daniela Pais Elementum is a concept of sustainable principles applied to clothing. It is developed around the idea and wish that people become active participants of their own daily dressing rituals.
Elementum as a brand is build “bottom up” around a strong concept and product emphasizing product usability through multi-functionality. Sustainable principles are then applied through the design process with a strong focus on simplicity, innovation and quality.
Elementum items are seamless and tubular they are designed to give you more comfort and flexibility. Both the jersey structure of the Simple line and the 3D knitted structure of the Refine line are designed to allow a clean and simple cut without the need for stitches or thick seams.
To wear an Elementum item in a different way/ position you just need to rotate the it around your body or to turn it upside down. Some positions/ expressions are also reached by crossing, folding or layering the piece over your body and shoulders.