Art & Seams


Nú (Designer and social worker/persevering and dreamy): After 10 years of working on different social and fashion projects he decided to start a new adventure, that will allow him to tell people what fashion means to him and how he wish it could be, because he believes in a respectful  fashion  to everyone and therefore ecological, ethical and sustainable.

He customs the design and makes the pattern of Art and Seams, as well as the choice of fabrics, the management of production with the workshop they work with, together with Núria.

Núria (Administrative/ with the feet on the ground): She developed her professional  career in a computer consulting business within the support department, but she has always been interested in creating her own company where she can apply a way of working based on the win-win, with suppliers customers (clients), employees, workers.... with Art and Seams she managed to  find a project of which to fall in love with, because of the person she does it with, Nú, but also the product they want to offer: quality fashion, respectful with the environment and of current cool and a comfortable design.


Art & Seams do fashion with ethical and aesthetic values. They want to dress you if you like to dress in a comfortable and functional way, but you have a taste and aesthetic sense of dressing..... If you like talking through your clothes and tell who and how you are.... We want to dress you if you care about your environment and you want to do something to change  what you don’t like.


Art &Seams seek a new and modern design but without fanfare, that allow endures on time and in closets ... that doesn’t go out of fashion easily, as this also determines the sustainability of a product.

In Art and seams you will find unique designs and exclusive that follows the big trends under their personal interpretation and non-transferable! The designs speak of you and of us ... real people!

The Art and Seams team presume bases well crafted and tested pattern, that favour  body shapes and offer a wide sizing, ranging from 38 to 46, because they want to fight the aesthetic stereotypes and unique carvings that left offside many body types and sizes.


Regarding the materials, all parts are made from eco-friendly fabrics of various providers working with certified organic *.

Because it is of natural fibbers, grown, spun and produced without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers synthetic.

Because they have unique qualities: They are silky, soft, comfortable and breathable.

Because they are tissues that benefit our health: avoid allergic reactions or atopic skin.

Because they are respectful tissues to the environment, since no chemicals have been used, and there are strict controls on emissions and discharges.

Because they are companies with ethical and social criteria that intended to promote agricultural areas and producers from various crops.



All manufacturing is done in workshops from Barcelona area, because we want to promote the development of employment and the local economy, recovering an industry that years ago it was the foundation of our economy.



The day to day life from Art& Seams can be summed up in one word ... INTENSE!

Intense as LEARNING,

Enrichment, growth, constant interaction with people, projects and initiatives very interesting...

Intense as feelings and EMOTIONS every time we choose a fabric, designed a new garment or collect a new sample...

Intense as VITALITY and energy chute at each meeting and in every encounter, which pushes us not to stop walking...

Sympathy intensity wrap and Positivism, because we believe that to change the world you need to do it with a smile!