With three diverse personalities and complementary skills, the French creators Victor, Charles-Antoine and Mathieu, are driven by the same passion and are connected by a solid friendship. In 2012, they decided to get out of their comfort zone.. After quitting their secure but boring jobs, they have put their hearts and souls into a passionate and unconventional concept: Apto.

All creators have the desire to change the status quo and Apto is a clear leading creator. In fact Apto is born out of the deep and common desire to change existing consumer habits. All three of them are passionate about clever products and beautiful design; they have a strong desire to combine beauty with function and bring diversity to market. For this reason, they always strive for the perfect balance between functional innovation and authentic European style, by supplying high quality products. All the products are Made in Europe, in particular Made in France.

Apto has a minimalistic but strong brand identity that is always in harmony with the brand's core values: elegancy and cleverness. The word "Apto" is a declension of the latin word "aptus", which means "adapted". Adaptability being the pillar on which they have built their first collection and, by extent, their brand.

All Apto products are handmade in Europe, in particular handmade in France. Apto is a perfect representation of beautiful products Made in Europe and by people that are brave, passionate and creating diversity.