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Fashion Revolution
#Whomademyclothes – April 24, 2018 On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza, an eight-storey commercial building, located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, collapsed which caused the death of 1129 people. Inside the building were some clothing factories, a bank, some apartments and many other shops. Many cracks had been sighted on the walls of the building, which had soon...
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New Heritage - Festival für Zeitlose
  eucurio will present some of the products from brands like Livid Jeans and Olow on the New Heritage festival April 1st and April 2nd.  Hope seeing you there!!!   See what the festival is all about (in german).  Philosophie: Die New Heritage ist eine Hommage für Handgemachtes und Zeitloses! Sie ist eine Plattform, mit der all jenen die Möglichkeit gegeben wird,...
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Hi eucurios, We want you to get your christmas gifts on time and avoid any bad surprises.  Therefore this quick info to tell you: If you are in Germany: December 19th will be your last order day If you are outside Germany: December 13th will be your last order.  After these days we can't be sure you will receive your gifts on time.  All the best David  
The idea at the end of the tunnel
eucurio didn’t begin with an idea but with a belief and a simple choice.  It started with the belief that every one of us is now more in charge of our destiny than ever before. The choice was quite simple: Am I willing to make a difference, or do I want to stay frustrated? When starting eucurio, I clearly chose to make a difference, not knowing the consequences of it...
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Inanimate Friends
Inanimate Friends A motivational thought inspired by friendship, on how to approach product design for everyday life. A great design teacher once told me, a good product is the one that becomes a good friend. Meaning, a product is only a good product when the user loves it. That stuck to my head for its simplicity. Makes us rethink the design game, and further...
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The coin wallet
  The Coin Wallet is, for certain, the most iconic wallet we ever made. We are that proud saying this because people out there are giving us such a fantastic feedback, and above all trusting to try and live with a little piece of design. We are thankful for choosing us from this vast landscape of wallets out there. A BIG, BIG thank you to you all. It means a lot and...
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Leather care guide with 5 quick tips
An appreciated aspect in acquiring a leather product is the ease of its maintenance and the consequential textural beauty on the surface, developed over time and continued use. This maintenance while extending the item’s utility, is also necessary to justify the consumption of any material. Which we know to be a real issue in today’s society, when everyone is able to...
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Instagram Contest
  Europe with it’s vast array of culture and diversity  has so many inspirational and beautiful places. Our photo contest „Europe my inspirational territory“ gives you the opportunity to present, with a photo and a small text, wich place you like frequenting that makes you feel good and/ or makes you creative. There will be 2 winners:
- Most likes
- The most...
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Lovjoi, transparency from design to your wardrobe
  100% Bio, 100% Style und 100% made in Germany transparency from design to your wardrobe. This unisex, urban streetwear label is inspired by avant-garde Fashion. The Style Lovjoi stands for is characterized by clear forms and easy comfy cuts. Every Lovjoi piece has a feel good guarantee since every piece is made with 100% ecological materials wich are 100% animal...
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The smog of fears
  In the last years I have been reading a lot of books and blogs on fears and how to live with and overcome them. The first post showed me that it is easier read than done. Your support made me feel great but at the same time a smog of stress, pressure and fears surrounded me all week. I think, that as the first post was a surprise, it was difficult to disappoint...
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